Airbus 310 / 300

A313 - Airbus 310 - 300

Airbus 310-300

ICAO type designator: A310

ICAO type description: L2J

Wake turbulance category: H

Max operating level: FL 410

Typical cruising speed: Fast

Climb performance: Good

Approach category: C (D)

Nice to know:

Capacity:  Typical 2-class config. 220

MTOW:  150.000kg


  • A300: A-300
  • A310: A-310

What to look for:

  • Small wingtip fences similar to those on the A320 on many (but not all) A300/A310 models
  • Straight fuselage under the tail-section (tail slopes down on Boeing aircraft)
  • “Pointy” nose and “Airbus-style” cockpit windows”