Airbus 340

A343 - Airbus 340 - 300

Airbus 340 – 300

ICAO type designator: A343

ICAO type description: L4J

Wake turbulance category: H

Max operating level: FL 410

Typical cruising speed: Fast

Climb performance: Good

Approach category: C (D)

Special Remarks:

The A-340 is the same aircraft as the A-330 but with four engines instead of two. The climb performance is generally less than the performance of the A-330.

Nice to know:

Capacity:    Up to 440 (A346, single class)

MTOW:  380.000 kg


  • A342: A-340-200
  • A343: A-340-300
  • A345: A-340-500
  • A346: A-340-600

What to look for

  • 4 Engines
  • Winglet approx 45 degrees angle outwards from the wing
  • Widebody (Many windows/doors)
  • Look at nose-section and cockpit windows


Airbus 340