Airbus 380

Airbus A380

Airbus A380

ICAO type designator: A388

ICAO type description: L4J

Wake turbulance category: J

Max operating level: FL 430

Typical cruising speed: Fast

Climb performance: Good

Approach category: D

Special Remarks:

A-380 is in a special wake turbulence category. The expression “super” should be included imeediately after the aircraft callsign in the initial radiotelephony contact.

Radar wake turbulence separation:
Preceding A-380, following by A-380 – no specific sep
Preceding A-380, following by (H) 6 NM
Preceding A-380, following by (M) 7 NM
Preceding A-380, following by (L) 8 NM

Departure separation:
(H) departing behind A-380: 2 min
(M/L) departing behind: 3 min.
(M/L) departing behind from intersection: 4 min.

Nice to know:

Capacity:  Typical 3-class config: 525

MTOW:   560.000 kg

What to look for

  • Full upper deck
  • 4 Engines
  • Wingtip fence