Avro RJ-100


Detail name: Avro RJ-100

ICAO type designator: RJ1H

ICAO type description: L4J

Wake turbulance category: M

Max operating level: FL 310

Typical cruising speed: Slow

Climb performance: Good

Approach category: C

Special Remarks:

Former name for the type is BAe 146

Nice to know:

Capacity: 85

MTOW 42.000 kg


  • RJ1H: Avro RJ-100
  • RJ85: Avro RJ-85
  • RJ70: Avro RJ-70


The RJ1H, RJ85 and RJ70 are slow and high speed approaches are seldom carried out.

What to look for:

  • High mounted wing and 4 jet engines
  • Special speed brakes in the tail.

RJ1H taking the gear up