Boeing 737 Classic

Boeing B737-300

Detail name: Boeing 737 Classic

ICAO type designator: B733

ICAO type description: L2J

Wake turbulance category: M

Max operating level: FL 370

Typical cruising speed: Medium

Climb performance: Good

Approach category: C (D)

Special Remarks:

Similar to the Boeing 737 NG series but less performance regarding max operating level and speed.

Nice to know:

Capacity: 146

MTOW: 68.000 kg


  • B733: B737-300
  • B734: B737-400
  • B735: B737-500

What to look for:

  • Optional 2 x eye-brow windows over cockpit windows
  • When viewed from the front, engines look flat on the bottom and not completely round.
  • Usually no winglets