Boeing 737 NG

B736 - Boeing 737-600

B736 – Boeing 737-600

Detail name: Boeing 737 Next Generation

ICAO type designator: B738

ICAO type description: L2J

Wake turbulance category: M

Max operating level: FL 410

Typical cruising speed: Medium

Climb performance: Good

Approach category: C (D)

Nice to know:

Capacity: 177

MTOW: 85.100 kg


  • B736: B737-600
  • B737: B737-700
  • B738: B737-800
  • B739: B737-900

What to look for:

  • Optional winglets
  • Optional 2 x eye brow windows over the cockpitwindows
  • 700 – 900 series are longer and have larger wings than the previous 737
  • All 737 models have an angle where the tail meets the fuselage while on the Airbus the fuselage is straight.
  • Pointy nose and charactheristic cockpit windows.
  • Large horizontal stabilizer


Boeing 737-800