Boeing 747

B744 - Boeing 747 - 400


ICAO type designator: B744

ICAO type description: L4J

Wake turbulance category: H

Max operating level: FL 450

Typical cruising speed: Fast

Climb performance: Medium/ Good

Approach category: D

Nice to know:

Capacity:  Typical 3-class config.  416 / Typical 2-class config.  524

MTOW:  412.000 kg


  • B741: B747-100
  • B742: B747-200
  • B743: B747-300
  • B744: B747-400
  • B74R: B747SR
  • B74S: B747SP

The B741 and B742 are the older ”classic” versions with a short upper deck. B74R and B74S are versions with special performance.

What to look for:

  • Upper deck (With flight deck)
  • 4 engines with pointed exhaust outlets
  • Winglets (-400 series)

Boeing 747-400