Boeing 767

B763 - Boeing 767-375/ER


ICAO type designator: B763

ICAO type description: L2J

Wake turbulance category: H

Max operating level: FL 430

Typical cruising speed: Fast

Climb performance: Good

Approach category: D

Nice to know:


Typical 3-class config. 218/2-class config.  269/1-class config.  350

MTOW:  186.000 kg


  • B762: B767-200
  • B763: B767-300
  • B764: B767-400


What to look for:

  • The top of the fuselage under the tail slopes down (Airbus are straigt under the tail)
  • Usually without winglets (If they have, they are straight up)
  • Characteristic nose and cockpit section

The B767 is very similar to the narrow body aircraft B757 and the Airbus 300/310