Cessna 152

C 150e

ICAO type designator: C152

ICAO type description: L1P

Wake turbulance category: L

Max operating level: FL 100*

Typical cruising speed: 105 kt

Climb performance: Poor

Approach category: A


Special remarks:

*The C152 has got a higher operating level – but in practice this is what to expect.

Nice to know:

MTOW: 757 kg

Passengers: 1 + 1 pilot

The C150 version is a older version of the C152 with less powerful engine.

What to look for:

  • High wings with wing struts
  • Fixed landing gear
  • Shorter (and smaller)  than the C172 Skyhawk

Similar aircraft in the Cessna family is the C172. The cabin of the C152 is one side window shorter, otherwise very similar in appearance.


C152, Aerobat version called FA152

FA150 (C150)

Control Panel of a C152