Cessna 208 Caravan

C208 - Cessna Caravan

C208 – Cessna Caravan

ICAO type designator: C208

ICAO type description: L1T

Wake turbulance category: L

Max operating level: FL 100*

Typical cruising speed: 170 kt

Climb performance: Poor

Approach category: A

Special Remarks:

*The C208 has got a higher operating level – but in practice this is what to expect.

Nice to know:

MTOW: 3970 kg (Grand Caravan)

Passengers:  Max 14

What to look for:

  • Relatively large cabin for a single engine aircraft
  • Fixed landing gear
  • High wings with wing struts

The C208 Caravan is a popular freight and skydiving aircraft. It is equipped with a turboprop engine – a rather special feature for single engine aircraft. Underbelly cargo pods, floats and skis are offered as options on the caravan family.


Caravan Cargo version

Caravan on amphibious floats

Caravan on amphibious floats