Diamond DA-20

Diamond DA20

Diamond DA20

Detail name: Diamond DA-20

ICAO type designator: DV20

ICAO type description: L1P

Wake turbulance category: L

Max operating level: FL 100*

Typical cruising speed: 110 kt

Climb performance: Poor

Approach category: A

Special Remarks:

*The DV20 has got a higher operating level – but in practice this is what to expect.

Nice to know

MTOW: 800 kg

Capacity: 2

What to look for:

  • Small (2 seater only)
  • “Bubble” canopy
  • Low wings and T-tail
  • Fixed landing gear
  • Free-castoring nose wheel (No nosewheel steering – differential braking provide ground control)
  • Very “skinny” tail section” (Typical composit look)

The DV20 is a very light aircraft (empty weight 529 kg only) and has got a very low stall speed of only 45 knots with full flaps.

Diamond DA-40 is the four seater version of the Diamond

Diamond DA-40 is a four seater version from Diamond