Upcoming is the sub-category of heavy-helicopters and military aircraft, click the aircraft in the navigation pane here 1 cm above.

The Heavy Jet group:

  • Wake turbulence category: Heavy
  • Max operating level: FL 410 – 450
  • Typical cruising speed: Fast
  • Rate of climb: Medium, Good
  • Approach category: C, D

The Helicopter group:

  • Wake turbulence category: Light, Medium
  • Max operating level: FL 100
  • Typical cruising speed: 120 kt
  • Rate of climb: N/A
  • Approach category: N/A

The Military group:

  • Wake turbulence category: Medium
  • Max operating level: FL 500
  • Typical cruising speed: Extreme
  • Rate of climb: Good
  • Approach category: C