C-130H Hercules

C 130 - Hercules

C 130 – Hercules

Detail name: C-130H Hercules

ICAO type designator: C130

ICAO type description: L4T

Wake turbulance category: M

Max operating level: FL 330

Typical cruising speed: 330 kt

Climb performance: Medium

Approach category: C

Nice to know:

MTOW: 70.310 kg

Passengers: up to 128 soldiers / 92 paratroopers / 97 stretchers

What to look for:

  • High mounted wings with 4 turboprop engines
  • Characteristic cockpit section
  • Cargo door in the back

Warning – do NOT mistake the “C” in the ICAO designator for “Cessna”.

There are a lot of versions of the C-130 with various special equipment. The biggest change was on the latest model C-130J Super Hercules . This model is only model in production. Externally similar to the classic Hercules, the J model has new turboprop engines, six-bladed propellers, digital avionics, and other new systems. The J model has better performance the older models, faster cruising speed and climb performance.

C 130-3

C 130-3

C-130P refuels HH-60G

C-130P refuels HH-60G

Royal Airforce C-130k

Royal Airforce C-130k